Who we are :

MoonKeys is currently a "one-man-shop" providing content for VFX companies, game creators or physical printing. Created in 2010 by Bruno Pollet which has been working in the 3D industry as professional since 1996.

What we do :


Content :
Although we're supplying any kind of content, whether it's about modeling or animation, whe have a particular love for procudural workflows, re-usability, effects,  pipeline, shading and lighting.
Training :
You want to learn Maya or Houdini, we can train you from beginner to expert level.  Please get in touch for more information.

Work partners / Clients :

MoonKeys has worked with these studios on different Films, Commercial or animation projects :
Weta Digital (As Mocap Technical Director and Senior Motion Editor)
Benuts (As CG Supervisor(current), Technical Director, FX, lighting and shading artist)
Grid-vfx (As Technical Lead, Shader and Lighter)
72Dpi (As 3D Generalist and Technical Director)

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